ALMAXCO products offer superior environmental outcomes – The Greener Way.


It is a real point of difference that as much effort has been put into developing this high quality product as the processes which make it possible. Every step of the way - every component and process had to meet a stringent 'best practice' environmental criteria. In reality this means in part:

  • All raw material suppliers must be certified and accredited with environmentally friendly practices,
  • Dealing with raw material suppliers as close to the manufacturing facility as possible to reduce transportation emissions,
  • Using manufacturing processes which do not emit any green house gases,
  • Recycling all waste production -with all aluminium waste going to smelting plants which utilise environmentally friendly procedures,
  • Recycling the LDPE resins at special recycling facilities,
  • Recycling waste water,
  • Installing a regenerative catalytic thermal oxidiser on the paint coating lines to reduce the release of Volatile Organic Compounds,
  • Using raw materials which are bio-degradable and non toxic.
  • To embrace Environmentally Friendly operations & production processes to produce an Eco-friendly product and therefore reduce the carbon footprint.
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