ALMAXCO Anti-Graffiti Coatings

ALMAXCO Nano uses smart surface technology to achieve an anti-graffiti panel with self-cleaning properties.

  • Almaxco NANO Panels utilise a new and exciting smart surface technology to alter the molecular structure of the paint. This improves and enhances the paint coating by giving it a longer colour and gloss retention. It is applied as a 4th layer of coating over and above the 3 layers of coating amongst our competitors.
  • The 4th layer NANO coating which is made from a water soluble chemical, seals any air gaps between the paint molecules, thus preventing dirt, water, permanent paint, or any foreign particles to penetrate through the paint surface, making the paint surface hydrophobic.
  • Water is the only cleaning product required with this panel, this includes both the removal of dirt and graffiti, without the introduction of chemicals or detergents during the cleaning process.
nano1 Optical microscope view of a regular PVDF Coated panel, where the surface of the paint coating is jagged.
nano2 Optical microscope view of a Nano Coated panel, where the surface is smoother and flat with no air gaps in the molecular bonding.
Nano in nature Nano in paint
nano3 nano4 nano5 nano6



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